Little Secrets Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Your Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from lower back pain, understanding the nasty secrets of drug companies and how those secrets sabotage your recovery from your lower back pain can be very vital to your overall health.

The pharmaceutical industry offers “health” to millions – but does not deliver the goods, especially for your lower back pain. It delivers products that merely alleviate symptoms while using the underlying condition (your lower back pain) as a guarantee for its future profits. To cover the fraud, this industry spends twice the amount of money in covering it up than on research on future therapies.

The market place of the pharmaceutical industry is the human body and its return on investment depends on the continuation and expansion of diseases and conditions (your lower back pain), making this industry the most profitable on planet Earth.

In contrast, the prevention and eradication of any disease or conditions reduces or totally eliminates the markets for Rx drugs. In order for the pharmaceutical industry to be successful, it has to eliminate competition from safe and natural therapies because they are not patentable and their profit margins are small. These natural therapies can effectively help prevent and eliminate diseases and conditions (your lower back pain) because of their essential roles in cellular metabolism.

If natural health therapies for your lower back pain and more can be eliminated, the drug companies can takeover the healthcare system. The drug industry is more than a $3.6 billion industry and has brought millions of people into dependency upon its sordid business.

Our medical system is blatantly cashing in big time on YOUR lower back pain and making sure you aren’t cured. 

 So What Will Relieve Your Lower Back Pain? 

There are effective exercises and lifestyle changes that can easily reduce your lower back pain  

There are dietary changes that can reduce swelling and inflammation associated with your lower back pain  

There are strategies of tapping into your body’s own healing powers to relieve your lower back pain  

There are topical applications that go to the root of the problem instead of just “masking” the symptoms of your lower back pain  

There are 100% natural formulas that can easily relieve your lower back pain in just 5 easy minutes a day

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