Low Back Pain Relief

Low Back Pain Relief

The truth about low back pain relief is that it can follow a number of strenuous activities and most that experience it will seek low back pain relief without knowing what caused it; something as basic as shifting a heavy piece of furniture for example often with a jerk or an unnecessary twisting can cause muscle strain or sprained ligaments or even a slipped disk (herniated disk).

The obvious advice for low back pain relief is the old adage: prevention is better than cure and in this model it rings true. Particularly when it comes to lifting theres a right and wrong way.

With emphasis on the right way; you need to bend your knees and allow your legs take the weight of the lift rather than the lower back. Manual handling and other courses can teach you appropriate techniques for low back pain relief.

However if the damage is done the primary aspect of low back pain relief is to rest the back this can be done by lying down and perhaps elevating the legs until the pain subside.

It is accepted that rest for low back pain relief can take 1-2 days after which point further rest may weaken the muscles. The advice is to walk around or at the very least do gentle exercises to stimulate the muscles and aid low back pain relief.

Although the trick with low back pain relief is the amount of exercise permitted after the initial swelling or inflammation goes down there are pain relievers and OTC medicines that will provide low back pain relief especially for chronic pain symptoms.

The best medicine is the aspirin and ibuprofen which contains anti-inflammatory components working best for low back pain relief in the initial stages.

For longer treatments a doctors consultation is called for.

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