Yoga and Meditation – Avoid Lower Back Pain

Yoga and meditation are considered ideal for curing chronic lower back pain, with multitudes of people following it to stay fit and healthy all over the world. Yoga and meditation are holistic approaches that emphasize on the mind-body-soul connection. A centuries old technique that promotes mental and physical health, Yoga can relieve the body of all kinds of chronic pain through asanas or postures, meditation and stretches.

Yoga and chronic lower back pain relief:

Yoga is practiced by many people around the world to maintain their body alignment, reduce stress, get better flexibility, improve immunity, increase body strength and relieve pain in various parts of the body. Not all yoga poses cure severe chronic lower back pain. Certain yoga asanas that are done regularly can eliminate the back ache.

Yoga is not recommended to all patients who have chronic lower back pain. Sometimes the causes of chronic lower back pain might be a specific body condition or disease. In this case, the doctor might restrict your movements. So, before beginning the Yoga sessions, you must consult a doctor and get his suggestion. Then, hire a qualified Yoga teacher, who can teach you the correct ways to do the asanas. If the asanas are done incorrectly, they can aggravate your pain. Tread cautiously, to avoid furthering the risks.

Yoga exercises for chronic lower back pain:

A few Yoga exercises like Corpse pose, Standing forward bend pose, Mountain pose, Cat stretch pose, Triangle pose, Wind Releasing pose, Locust pose, Fish pose, Palm Tree pose, Sage Twist pose, Big Toe pose, Supported Bridge pose, Moon pose and crescent moon pose relieve the strain on the back and cure chronic pain. These exercises can be difficult to practice in the beginning but they can definitely save you from a prolonged treatment for chronic lower back pain that can be even more tiring.

Meditation and chronic lower back ache:

Meditation calms down the body and releases all kinds of stress and tension from the body. Meditation is preferred by many to chronic lower back pain treatment, since meditation heals, relaxes and cleanses the body. Breathing is the most prominent part of meditation. Particular kinds of breathing patterns relax the whole body and help you to lessen the pain.

An inner peace surrounds you, when you practice meditation. The emotional and attitudinal transformation that you experience while meditating helps you counter pain, illness and stress. This in turn reduces the symptoms of the diseases like chronic lower back and hip pain and improves the health of a person.

Meditation and visualization:

In recent times, yoga teachers have started using visualization techniques for removing pain and anxiety. Visualizing something pleasant and exciting can bring happiness. It can create a sense of peace and calm in the minds of the practitioners. Irrespective of the chronic lower back pain causes, meditation can cure you miraculously in many cases with the power of the mind.

Chronic lower back pain can make you debilitated and depressed in life but Yoga and meditation can save you from the pain. Yoga and meditation can not only cure your chronic pain but help you to maintain a healthy and spiritual lifestyle, which is essential for a great and fulfilling life.

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